Courtney Boyd Myers - Image by Dan Taylor

Twitter: @CBM

Check out Courtney’s website CBM and new health blog Hustle and Kale.

FinePoint: Plug us in: Who are you? What do you do?

Courtney: Courtney Boyd Myers, Founder of I help startups grow audiences transatlantically. We concentrate on the New York and London ecosystems, giving startups a soft landing when they cross the pond through business development and marketing support.

FinePoint: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever given and/or received?

Courtney: “In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.”

― Deepak Chopra

FinePoint: What do you eat for breakfast?

Courtney: A homemade green smoothie packed with goodness like avocado, frozen bananas, protein powder, cinnamon, almond milk, spinach or kale. I’m constantly creating new recipes for my health blog

FinePoint: Where do you find you get your best work done?

Courtney: At home! My job is highly social and involves a lot of travel, meetings, and work dinners. So on my quieter days, the introvert in me needs a reset. I need a quiet place where I’m undisturbed. That’s why I love working from home. And yes, it’s true, I also love staying in my pajamas til noon, making a healthy breakfast and lunch and taking calls on Skype with the video turned off.

FinePoint: Send us a desk “selfie!”

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