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Pictures can say a lot. They can definitely say much more than a tweet, or even multiple tweets, can. This is precisely why the social media platform Instagram is quickly becoming the PR tool of dreams in terms of handling a crisis.

In Maureen O’Conner’s NYMag article, she discusses the use of social media, particularly Instagram, and how it is helping public relations dissolve issues.

She writes, “Among the Photoshopped jokes circulating after video of Solange assaulting Jay Z in an elevator surfaced last week was an image featuring a weeping Beyoncé on the phone with Scandal PR heroine Olivia Pope. “I’ve got a video problem,” Beyoncé says. “It’s handled,” Kerry Washington’s cool-headed alter ego replies.

In reality, the Carter-Knowleses didn’t need a bionic publicist to help them save face. They only needed Instagram.”

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