Dan Segal Use

Twitter: @segaldg

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FinePoint: Plug us in: Who are you? What do you do?

Danny: Danny Segal – Account Supervisor at Edelman

FinePoint: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever given and/or received?

Given: Be a “yes person” and opportunities will follow.
Received: I pretty much always do what Oprah tells me…..No, that’s not it. It’s “fail fast, but fail smart.”

FinePoint: What do you eat for breakfast?

Danny: Pieces of shit like you? J/K, had to throw in the Billy Madison reference….

Really, I typically have an egg on toast or yogurt with granola and a LARGE black coffee.

FinePoint: Where do you find you get your best work done?

Danny: Either at my desk or in a coffee shop. For some reason, the ambient noise and side conversations help me be more productive.

FinePoint: Send us a desk “selfie!”

Danny S Desk Selfie



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