• September 26, 2014
  • Media

girl computer

There once existed a thin, hazy line between personal and professional social media. This divide is no longer. Today, professionals should assume the distinction just doesn’t exists. So whether you’re Facebook stalking to connect with friends or tweeting to find a job, you may as well begin using the mediums for your advantage.

In her article for the Huffington Post, entrepreneur and writer Tania Yuki shared ways to prove your professional worth online.

“It comes down to authenticity –” Yuki writes,  “bridging the gap between who you are and what you do out there in the world. The ‘real’ you can’t be too far from the ‘business’ you, or else it seems like an uncomfortable disconnect.”

The article has great tips for those who want to enjoy social media without tarnishing their reputation. Guess the fun and games should stay in our lives offline…