Lately the internet seems to be flooded with concept articles that have a catchy titles and mediocre content. It’s hard to distinguish the substance from the fluff. This delightful article by Kim Cox, recently posted to her LinkedIn, is not one of those pieces. Cox helps us relive the best quotes from Almost Famous, and reflect on the role of PR at the same time. It’s a cute concept backed up with wit and keen observation.

The first featured quote, “Look at this — an entire generation of Cinderellas, and there’s no glass slipper” is a truth bomb dropped by the mother of the film’s protagonist. The Silicon Valley craze has brought tons of startups to the playing field each month. Some of these companies think the right PR strategy is what will help separate them from the rest. Cox articulates that a successful startup needs a quality product – PR alone can’t win the slipper.

If you’re a quote junkie, film nerd, or music lover you’ll appreciate this piece. Cox shares some great insight using the medium of pop culture – it’s a fun read that makes you . Read the complete article here: