• September 29, 2014
  • Media


The more technology is intertwined with our jobs and our lives, the more difficult it can be to “draw the line” or mindfully avoid obsessive social media behavior. Star political blogger David Roberts had made his journalistic career on twitter. But slowly it started to seep into his personal life.

Roberts described a time earlier in his career when navigating the internet and checking email was a “getting caught up” ritual at the beginning of his day. By 2013, however, he was constantly “keeping up.” Instead of sending a few emails, Roberts was hitting the daily tweet limit (what he described as “the social-media equivalent of getting cut off by the bartender.”)

Read the full story to learn what Roberts learned from a one year hiatus from the digital world. Perhaps we don’t all have the pull the plug completely. But we can certainly benefit from Roberts’s new-found knowledge.