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Three years ago FinePoint PR started as a way for me to bridge the gap between jobs.
The latest iteration is encapsulated in this new site.
Taking stock over the past years has lead to this – that business leadership – CEOs, founders, other visible individuals, need personal press and profile raising. However, they also need to understand and form a cohesive personal brand and voice. Find yours here. Media training isn’t enough, a PR firm isn’t enough. It’s about figuring out who you are and who you want to be with your output to propel your career, your company, and business development.
FinePoint also aims to address a very specific facet of women in business – that women leadership (and women everywhere) need to learn how to “brag better”. Though we don’t only work with women, through my work I have seen the tremendous difficulties women have with promoting themselves and properly showcasing their professional achievements.
For more on programs, bootcamps, representation, and beyond, see the new site (thanks to Alyssa Putnam and a bit of Jose R. Mejia), reach out. Thank you to everyone who has hired me, fired me, supported me, given me advice, called me for advice, and more. I’ve learned a lot.