When life gives you free time during the 9-5, don’t waste it! Easier said than done… when you’re able to catch a breath at work, there’s probably a strong urge to spend your newfound time on buzzfeed. But this article has suggestions for how to truly make the most of a “slow day.”

One suggestion is to use your time to learn, whether you attend a webinar or visit another department.

Jayson DeMers explained how a small investment can go a long way: “Employers love to see employees trying to increase their value on their own.”

There are countless strategies for making the most of your time. So don’t hold back. Clean the desk or create something new for your company.

“Creating something gives you something more tangible and measurable, which you can show off to your supervisors or use as an immediate added value to the company.” suggests Demers.

So save these ideas for a rainy day.