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FinePoint: Plug us in: Who are you? What do you do?

Jeff: My name is Jeff Slobotski, I’m the Co-Founder & Chief Community Builder for Silicon Prairie News, a digital media company focused on building the Midwest’s entrepreneurial community.

We produce the annual events, Big Omaha and Big Kansas City, as well as publishing content on our region’s entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and other individuals who make up the ecosystem.

FinePoint: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever given and/or received?

Jeff: There’s a saying from a friend of mine, Shervin Pishevar, which goes, “The answer is always no unless you ask.”

I’ve tried to remind myself, as well as others I talk with, of that amazing piece of wisdom.

FinePoint: What do you eat for breakfast?

Jeff: On a good day I’ll have two bowls of low-sugar, high fiber cereal with orange juice and 27 oz. of water.

FinePoint: Where do you find you get your best work done?

Jeff: I generally get my best work done at a nondescript coffee shop where no one knows my name, and I know no one’s name. It often works best that way. If there’s no nondescript coffee shop nearby, I also prefer working outside in the natural elements.

FinePoint: Send us a desk “selfie!”

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