man thinking

It’s never fun to think about what could go wrong. It’s even less fun, and can feel like a waste of time, to prepare for disasters. But we’ve all learned this lesson at some point in time. There have been computer crashes, lost office keys, and sometimes much worse.

Even though we know it makes sense to prepare for the worst, it’s still something that can be easily pushed aside. But having a plan of action when the wall comes crashing down in the future can make the difference between a hiccup and a tragedy.

In business, we should always rehearse for the worst. Familiarize ourselves with a plan of action.

This recent article retells the story of a student who was able to continue his presentation after the power went out in the building – because he had a back-up plan.

The Personal Branding Blog repeatedly preaches self-reliance:

“Prepare as if no one else could help you, support you or save you. Rehearse for the intense times, when someone else might panic.”

Do you have a back-up plan for your career’s most crucial moments?