Finepoint’s first bootcamp – Do You (But Better) is on April 18 in Washington, D.C. We’re excited to bring you all of the essentials of self promotion. From making a personal website to perfecting your personal bio, it’s all covered in this one day personal brand marathon.This bootcamp is for anyone – these skills are valuable for CEOs and budding young professionals alike.

Meredith Fineman, CEO and founder of Finepoint, shares why this is so important: “Personal brand can get you hired and recognition, but it can also make you feel more comfortable talking about your professional accomplishments in any scenario – a meeting, a pitch, in front of an investor, at a networking session.”

This bootcamp was born to help professionals figure out who the professional “you” is going to be and learn how to promote that person. Fineman has vast experience representing leadership, and channels her work in public relations and personal branding to bring 4 hours of jam packed counseling and workshop.

Why is Do You (But Better) superior to other personal branding services available? “It’s an intimate group of 20, its a fun time, and it will be useful and informative.” says Fineman. “I know this works because I’ve done it for myself, countless friends and others. I’m sick of things like this telling people how to feel, versus what to DO. This is about the DO (you but better!)”

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