Happy March. There are  a lot of incredible things happening in the FinePoint world right now. But, one thing I would love to put on your radar is our newest product: Do You (But Better).

Do You (But Better) is a boot camp for young professionals to help individuals learn how build a personal website, pitch yourself and your work and learn how to get representation from book agents.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed something. People don’t know how to talk about their professional accomplishments. I’m sick of qualified people feeling like they don’t know how to showcase that. (Or don’t deserve to, feel ashamed to.) A lot of this is tied to gender – and yes, it is much harder to be “out there” as a woman. But this isn’t only for women. (Though I have helped countless women through this, at every stage of their careers.)

Why did we create this product? Because your professional accomplishments are worth talking about. Your bio is important. Creating a personal website is important. I’ve waited a long time to create a boot camp and introduce a new way to work with FinePoint beyond traditional PR services. And finally, it is here.

Do You (But Better) is the first iteration of this. It will show you how PR tactics can empower you, but also show you that it is cool to brag. (+endless emoji fist-bumps.) If you want to learn how to promote (your work, yourself), this will help you. You can do it with a group of like-minded people, or one on one. Isn’t it time you treated yourself like your own PR campaign? Click on the link to sign up for the waitlist or reach out to me with questions (

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