The next few weeks Meredith will be answering your questions about personal branding, bragging, self promotion, etc . It all leads up to the Do You But Better boot camp on April 18. Email your questions to and your could be answered in one of our upcoming posts.

1. Why is bragging OK? – Stephanie

Meredith: Bragging is a dirty word that honestly shouldn’t be. The point – if you’ve done the work, it’s not really bragging. It’s genuinely talking about the things you’ve done in a positive way. There’s a difference between inflating or lying or misconstruing. Be proud of what you’ve done and share it. That is a great brag.

2. What are the most common mistakes when it comes to personal branding? – Antonio

M: The biggest mistake I see in personal branding is a lack of consistency. If someone (a recruiter, reporter, potential employer or hire) cannot figure out who you are and what you’re about in about 15 seconds, they will leave. You have very little time with someone’s eyeballs, particularly online. All of your bios should be the same. All of your photos should be the same (linkedin, Facebook, Twitter). Consistency is key and king.
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