FinePoint is a communications and leadership company that empowers professionals through public relations tactics. We also teach women how to brag and self-promote.


FinePoint exists at the intersection of personal branding, media relations, public relations, and profile raising. We push past the usual PR industry tactics to craft platforms for established leaders and upcoming stars that empower them to take control of their voice and their story.

We’re especially passionate about working with women in these roles — current and future female CEOS, founders, and game changers — to arm them with the tools they need to showcase their accomplishments and vision with personal brand and media strategies.

Our approach is simple: championing great people and the great work they do.

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We pick a few individuals to represent on a retainer basis, which is a four-to-six-month minimum. These retainers include extensive strategy, and everything above, as well as consistent outreach to press, fielding of media inquiries, consistent content development pieces, and FinePoint as overall representation. Retainers range in price.

``Power Hour`` Consulting

``Power Hour`` Consulting

Maximum of five hours. Topics that can be discussed: pr strategy, personal brand, thought leadership, overall brand strategy, voice, beyond.

Bio Editing Services

Bio Editing Services

Flat fee, two rounds of editing, long, short, and two-line bio.

Founders & Leaders (Eight Weeks)

Founders & Leaders (Eight Weeks)

We created this program for business leadership to deliver a comprehensive toolkit for visibility success. It covers all the basics of profile and voice – current evaluation of what is out there and low-hanging fruit, personalized digital and press strategy documents, content development pieces, and a media placement. It is eight weeks long and includes weekly strategy sessions as well.

Do You (But Better) Bootcamp (Four Hours)

Do You (But Better) Bootcamp (Four Hours)

We do this for a group of 15 people, but we also do a 1:1 version with the same deliverables: revised bio, feedback and action items for a personal website, discussing your voice and how you introduce yourself, how to pitch press, how to get representation, and q&a. This is four hours long, you do it individually in one four-hour span or two two-hour spans.


We’ve worked with individuals that span both industries and expertise; below are a few examples.

For more specifics, please inquire.

  • Worked with several celebrities on business-centric press

  • Helped establish a consistent voice aside from one surrounding creative endeavors, but also as a multifaceted entrepreneur

  • Coached celebrities, particularly women, on how to assert their achievements that go behind the typical Hollywood tropes

  • Worked with individual to determine voice apart from political career

  • Performed outreach on behalf of several individuals to create his and her own personal brand, one in technology and one in nonprofit

  • Revised personal materials of both individuals to reflect current career changes, and create a cohesive storyline for the professional changes

  • Secured speaking engagements in the new areas of interest

  • Secured TV spots to discuss how a political career or post affected the sector she is now in

  • Performed outreach to large media outlets that cover technology, but also be sure to create a cohesive personal profile for this tech leader who was previously quiet about himself

  • Spent strategy sessions brainstorming and discussing how to brand said leader, with the intent to have all voice and content surrounding him and his achievements

  • Secured panel speaking engagements for said visible person, and spent time surrounding media training and how to effectively deliver a strong message

  • Helped brand several well-known startup leaders, particularly in technology

  • Worked with the founders to create a cohesive personal message, but also to stand out from other leadership in his or her fields

  • Worked with women leadership in technology to “brag better” and how to properly assert personal accomplishment

  • Helped a wellness celebrity with her personal branding and messaging

  • Secured a nation-wide column on wellness and diet

  • Performed outreach to promote her two books and supported more traditional print press outreach performed by the publishing house to establish a dynamic personal brand

  • Coached the wellness expert on interviews and secured commentary in print and on TV

  • Worked with public affairs leadership to establish voice and consistent content that is on-brand, while staying within the confines of public affairs and its limitations with visibility

  • Worked with the leader of a public affairs firm to tailor his image for purposes of business development and Washington visibility

  • Worked with a separate public affairs professional to tailor her image to one that she could use to leverage in her career

A few companies we’ve worked with, too:


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FinePoint is the expert when it comes to women, personal branding, and “career PR.” I asked FinePoint for some help with growing my email newsletter.

In one call, they gave me a list of suggestions that I put into action and I saw 15% subscriber growth immediately – as a direct result of FinePoint’s recommendations. You would be wise to hire FinePoint.

~Nisha Chittal
Founder, This Week in Lady News

Nisha Chittal

FinePoint truly understands the challenges that Founders face in sharing their stories and developing their personal brands.  As a Founder, I just don’t have the time to understand the effectiveness of all the different media channels but FinePoint’s strategies have helped me stay focused and hone my voice as a social entrepreneur and thought leader.

Meredith took the time to truly learn about my passion, my ideas, my vision and developed a strategy that was completely customized to my needs.  She’s easy to get in touch with, fast with feedback, honest, and really fun to work with.  Developing a personal brand and putting yourself out there in the media can be unnerving, but FinePoint has done an incredible job of guiding me through the process.

~Jeff Denby
PACT Apparel

Jeff Denby

As a business owner, I often let my voice get drowned out by my businesses voice. FinePoint helped me find my voice, and identified the right places to showcase that voice. As a marketing professional, it’s often easy to take for granted that we need to market ourselves. FinePoint reminded me that my voice, as an entrepreneur, is important to the success of my business.

Personal branding is a fine art. It’s a balancing act of showcasing your passion, talent and not sounding like a jackass. Both my company and I are better for FinePoint’s guidance and direction to help develop that voice.

~Megha Desai
Founder, MSD

Megha Desai

Finepoint PR worked quickly and tirelessly to secure fantastic coverage for Art All Night and worked with me as Founding Director to craft a compelling message.

Meredith is a consummate professional who understands her clients’ specific needs. A complete joy to work with, I would hire Meredith and Finepoint again and again.

~Ariana Austin
Founder & Director, French Thomas Creative

Ariana Austin

FinePoint’s ability to take my words and polish them up for publication was a critical component to our strategy to elevate my brand. FinePoint knows how to craft brilliant thought leadership pieces that get you noticed.

As well, Meredith’s got her finger on the pulse of the latest stories and is always thinking of angles to get you involved.

~Naama Bloom
Founder, HelloFlo

Naama Bloom




Founder & CEO



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