FinePoint exists at the intersection of personal branding, media relations, public relations, and profile raising. We push past the usual PR industry tactics to craft platforms for established leaders and upcoming stars that empower them to take control of their voice and their story.

We’re especially passionate about working with women in these roles — current and future female CEOS, founders, and game changers — to arm them with the tools they need to showcase their accomplishments and vision with personal brand and media strategies.

Our approach is built on one simple principle: championing great people and the great work they do.



Personal Branding

From managing large-scale social media accounts and campaigns to developing long-term strategic plans for growing your brand’s presence, our expertise gives clients the opportunity to take control of their story and how it’s told, online and off.


Media Relations

Our strong background in print and television means that from pitching to relationship maintenance, our clients can rest assured that their strategic alliances with key press will lead to thoughtful, propulsive coverage.


Public Relations

We know who to talk to, what to talk to them about, and are driven by results. Just ask our clients who have appeared in Vogue, the Washington Post, Women’s Health, OWN, and CNN.


Profile Raising

By positioning clients as thought leaders and innovators in their industry, we elevate awareness around our clients and the work that they do in ways that audiences respond to positively time and time again.


Here are some of the clients we’re honored and lucky to have worked with to tell their stories.


Our Team



Meredith’s multi-faceted experience as both a writer and publicist laid the groundwork for what she cares the most about now: helping business leaders of today and tomorrow step into the spotlight they’ve earned with confidence and poise. With a special passion for teaching women the fine art of bragging, Meredith’ sharp insight into the worlds of business and entrepreneurship are often tempered by an only slightly unhealthy dose of humor. Her work has been published in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, FastCompany, and more.


McLean Robbins

Director of Content

McLean's a strategic mastermind, planning and overseeing marketing and branding efforts for FinePoint's clients across print, digital, and beyond. A noted luxury lifestyle writer for publications like Robb Report, her perspective on positioning and storytelling is driven by a holistic approach towards how to cut through the noise to get yourself both heard and understood.

Renee Kelly

Lead PR Consultant

Renee's 12 years of experience in PR and media relations are unparalleled; starting her career at National Geographic, she's worked with the American Red Cross, NPR, and more. Her background, in particular with large-scale campaigns, is a major FinePoint asset; for instance, she was instrumental in coordinating the CNN/Red Cross telethon for victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Kylie Kagan

Social Media

Kylie's work with brands like Weight Watchers, John Frieda Hair Care, and The American Red Cross has spanned digital strategy, client relationship management, and more — but her expertise in social media, in particular, is what makes her FinePoint's Twitter lead. When not manning the Twitter cannons, she's scouring the internet for the latest in digital trends.

Hailey Robbins

Social, Web, and Digital Media

Hailey is FinePoint's Digital and Social Media and Website extraordinaire. Hailey has a degree in Broadcast Media from Wake Forest University and has been featured on ESPN, CBS Sports, and Booz Allen Hamilton. Hailey has also worked with Puma, Discovery Channel, Universal Pictures, JuliB, Forbes Travel, AOL, Mervis Diamond Importers, MICROS eCommerce and dozens of other major media outlets.


10 Global Communications Trends in 2014


With constant changes in today’s technology, the way we communicate with one another is ever-evolving.  On one hand, we have begun to shy away from the face-to-face communication that was once the most effective way to talk. On the other hand, we are now able to reach people on the opposite side of the globe, which we would never have been able to do without the internet.

Jeremy Galbraith from Burson-Marsteller has found 10 communications trends that are taking place this year. He says the major trends in communication are finely balanced between the emotional and the rational.

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Seven Major Differences Between the Classroom and Working in Public Relations

Cerritos classroom

Last summer (2013) I began working towards my masters degree in strategic public relations. This summer, I’ll be graduating. With both a bachelors and masters degree before the age of 24, I’m fully prepared to join the workforce…and above entry level! Right?? Wrong.

Less than two months into my internship at FinePoint PR, based in Washington, DC, and I have already seen major differences between learning about the public relations field and actually working in it.  To date (and while I’m sure there are plenty more), I have found seven major contrasts among the two:

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FinePoint is currently seeking an experienced Executive Assistant to join the team. The EA will act as a gatekeeper, ensuring that the Executive stays on track on a day-to-day basis. The ideal candidate is an extremely poised and proactive creative thinker.

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FinePoint is currently seeking a part-time PR Associate who can work in-office two to three days a week. The perfect candidate will be a self-starter who is organized, passionate, and highly resourceful. Prior PR experience, writing ability, and a sense of humor are essential.

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